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Continuous Delivery with Titanium, TestFlight, Jenkins, and Nomad

As an advocate for continuous delivery, building native mobile applications has always been a common problem faced for developers wanting to move fast, build something, measure the results and evolve their application. Incidentally, AppStores don't really provide an easy way of following lean entrepreneurship (ship fast, build, measure, learn). Things are getting better so I've decided to blog about our experience with continuous delivery with TestFlight, Jenkins, Nomad, and Titanium. Some of the key benefits of continuous delivery include - Being able to avoid large integration (merging) issues when feature branches have diverged extensively from what is on production. Smaller changes going into production frequently are a lot easier to resolve (fix or rollback). - Deployment procedures can be tricky depending on the platform and the technologies you use -- automate everything so that you don't miss any steps within your deployment procedure - Smaller changes going

Engineering at Borentra

Built into the very DNA of Borentra is the essence of moving fast, failing fast, and evolving quickly. As the BORG would say -- "we adapt". From an engineering perspective, our tooling isn't complex at all -- we do our best to keep things lean and fast -- just so that we can quickly respond to customer feedback. That said, we are ever so focused on providing the best customer experience in the social space. Furthermore, in order to achieve these goals, we always need the latest tools that will allow us to ship faster and respond to the amazing feedback from our users. For source code hosting, we use GitHub and we've adopted the GitHub Flow which basically means master is always deployable and we use feature branches when working on bug fixes, enhancements, or user feedback. Once a feature is ready to be deployed to production we send a pull request and if the code is good to go (code review and tests pass) we merge it into master. Once the merge happens, we have Jen