Friday, January 4, 2013

Guidance: A Practice For Better Teams and Better Products


Have you ever been told by a peer they look up to you? It's a feeling that pushes me be a better person everyday. Righteously, it's the experience (the mistakes, the heartbreaks, and the victories) that have taught me a lot about how to make a positive impact on the lives of others -- believe it or not, it all starts with attitude: Never let people see you sweat and always be positive & professional.

How you carry yourself in battle (stressful situations) indefinitely reflects your level of integrity, your maturity, your empathy, your stewardship, your commitment  and your compassion for others. From the sound your voice in meetings, to the eye contact you have with even the most unfortunate. This isn't something that is achieved but practiced -- it is a way of life. 

People know me as executer. During my days in software services (I now focus primarily on products) -- I was known as a person who you call to finish the job. No one questioned my ability to get the job done and I pushed incredibly hard to help every teammate that I could while shipping projects on time and on budget. Stepping back and reflecting on these experiences, I consistently see myself as "not doing enough to make a difference". Incidentally, 2012 was a challenging year for my team -- it was a test of our endurance and our compassion. Now that it is 2013, we are picking up the pace and we've formulated some rock solid strategies around profitability within the coming months.

It is incredibly important for anyone truly driven and skilled in their mastery (whether it is engineering, finance, etc) to find the best in their team and provide guidance to their peers. If negativity is infectious, so is optimism -- infect your team with positive thinking. Be a guide for your team: always be professional, optimistic, and most importantly, always go above and beyond their expectations on a day-to-day basis.