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More on Servant Leadership: Commitment to your teammates

I've been practicing something called Servant Leadership for about two years now. This discipline entails being a support role, from solving your teammates' problems to inspiring confidence in your teammates.

Prior to reading The Fifth Discipline (Peter Senge) and The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle (James C. Hunter) -- I thought that "Leadership" was what you did: the budgets, the allocations, the task descriptions, the software specifications, and the meetings. While I do think those are typical tasks that  "leader" may be responsible for -- I certainly believe that "leadership" is who you are.

The true foundation of leadership is not power, but authority, which is built upon relationships, love, service, and sacrifice. Being able to stir the hearts of your teammates and inspire them with confidence is the mark of a true leader.

Characteristics of a Servant Leader
Listening: Traditionally, and also in servant leadership, managers a…

How A-Trak Increases Developer Productivity on Windows Azure

I've recently been working on non-.NET technologies on Windows Azure platform and I'm finding it amazingly fun and easy. From NodeJS to PHP, I'm finding it easier and easier as time goes on that the tooling Microsoft is releasing makes developers lives easier.

That said, at Agile Business Cloud, we're also in alignment with Microsoft's shared vision of making developers' lives easier on Windows Azure. I'd like to announce A-Trak, A Windows Azure Blob Synchronizer and Windows Azure Asset Pipeline (WAZAP).

A-Trak allows developers to easily push files from your machine into Microsoft's public Cloud within 1 easy step (command-line invocation). Additionally, it allows you do synchronization between more blob storage accounts in the following use cases:

Blob → Blob
Blob → Folder
Folder → Blob
Folder → Folder


When quickly spinning up a Wordpress hosted service on Azure, we didn't want to deal with the insanity of a bug when redeploying pac…

2011 Rundown by Jaime Bueza

2011 has been an amazing year for me. I've written notes on what I've taken on and what I plan to make better in the coming year.

- Launched True Originals for Bacardi, a social network for bar tenders
- Launched Kinect Share for Microsoft -- Microsoft's community site for Kinect enthusiasts. It integrates with SXP on Windows Azure
- Launched Salutation Nation for lululemon
- Won an ACE Award for outstanding work ethic, dedication, passion and hard work at Blast Radius
- Left Blast Radius in August 24th, 2011 to help build the RESAAS Core Platform (product) at RESAAS
- Joined up with RESAAS as a Front-End Engineer
- Joined up with Agile Business Cloud Solutions as a Chief Experience Officer (CXO).
- Launched first version of Azure-based real-time graphing on Agile Business Cloud
- Launched new homepage for RESAAS
- Launched the first of many Facebook apps
- Visited Redmond, Washington (Microsoft campus)

Open Source Initiatives
- Wrote Microcosm - Social Network S…