2012 Retrospective and 2013 Resolutions

My Social Networks

We Were Young: Staying Motivated and Inspiring Teammates

Using Yeoman, Jenkins in Continuous Integration

Re-reading Rework

CodeStorm: Answering the question of how to build stronger software engineering teams

It's not about me, it's about the team

Valuable tips for students wanting to get into Software Engineering

The Rise of Apps in Windows 8: Why you should join up for WOWZAPP hackathons!

Plenty of Fish - Lessons Learned Meetup

Running MongoDB on Windows Azure

Inspiring talk by Kyle Vogt, co-founder of Justin.TV/Twitch.TV

Why I wrote node-twitchtv, a NodeJS client for TwitchTV API

Lessons Learned from Titanium SDK

Using PHP and Git-based Deployment on Heroku without Facebook Apps

Moving to Namecheap from Godaddy

Using Sublime Text 2 Build Systems, NodeJS and Mocha

You Only Live Once

LiveBolt: Cloud-based deadbolt automation -- Cheap hardware integration and cloud computing

Designing the Amazing Insights Logo

TransLink rolling out Fare Gates

Thoughts on Responsive Web Design

Windows Azure Mobile Services: The Hacker Way

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose -- Software Engineering

A focus on making DevOps more open and connected

Tools We Use at RESAAS

Windows Azure Web Sites: Too easy and too much fun

Scaling an engineering team: "Caliber"

Visual Studio Keybinds Front-End Engineers Use

The Cost of Continuous Delivery