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Shaping Great Teams on Bad Projects

Ever since I read "The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle: Servant Leadership", I've felt invigorated about corporate software development. This book has made me change my mental models and perspectives on building great teams on bad projects.

One of the key things I learned from this book was that there is an undeniable difference between managers and leaders. As James C. Hunter says it best, "Management is what you do: planning, budgeting, estimating, organizing, problem solving, and strategizing. Leadership is who we are." Leadership can be defined as something simple as knowing how to inspire your teammates to become better than they think they are. Incidentally, I look at this much like the military. A skilled leader of a unit (usually a Captain or Major, I believe) has the commanding ability to inspire his men to become more courageous and more heroic while in the heat of battle.

"The Heat of Battle" can be applied to software Deat…