Sunday, November 14, 2010

Has Ajaxian Gone Down Hill?

Recently, Ben and Dion (the main guys who started Ajaxian) have left Ajaxian's helm to concentrate on other projects. One thing I've noticed is that they've reduced the frequency of posts to about three times per week. Prior to Ben and Dion leaving, there were sometimes 2 posts per day. Furthermore, since the articles on Ajaxian aren't that interesting, I've gone ahead and subscribed to Dion Almaer on twitter. Dion posts about 10 tweets a day on average with really interesting works out there in regards to front-end development.

Twitter is the #1 source for technology and design trends. I barely even open anymore as 140 character tweets can be more informative than walls of text.

Good luck and have fun,
Jaime Bueza

Jaime Bueza is a software developer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has developed web applications for Nintendo, Starbucks, Electronic Arts, Ritchie Brothers, Kiwi Collections, Cox Communications, and Microsoft. When he's not developing useful software that constantly evolves with business requirements, he's creating tutorial videos for aspiring front-end developers.