Friday, June 4, 2010

IE6 problems with Flash and Gzipped XML

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This is a repost of my entry back in 2007 since I'm slowly moving all my posts over to here. This does seem a bit cheesy but I might as well throw it in here since blogspot is my blogging home now.

Problem Analysis

While doing some front-end performance enhancements on a project that utilized extensive javascript and flash, I found that IE6 doesn't like it when you compress text/xml with mod_deflate/mod_gzip. From a user perspective, the Flash component would show, but any XML data being transferred to the Flash component will be rejected--you get a blank canvas/UI without any data/Preloader will show. Incidentally, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2+, Safari all handle gzipped text/xml without a problem.

Final Solution

Only apply gzip to the following content types: text/plain, text/html, text/javascript, and text/css--Do not apply it to text/xml if your Flash components use XML data sets from the back-end.

This solution gzips all your assets (Javascript and CSS), without breaking Flash components in your web application.

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